Do Roofs Cost More Because of the Pandemic?

We’re Keeping Costs Down, But Here’s What’s Going On in the Roofing Industry

The pandemic has affected nearly every industry. There are a few reasons why roofing costs more, including the rise in material prices, increase in demand for roofers, and people not being able to work on roofs due to sickness and isolation.

There is a shortage of materials and workers at the same time demand for home improvement has surged. This has left many homeowners with no choice but to pay higher prices for their homes’ roofs.

The Rise of Roofing Material Prices

The cost of materials is rising. These are the materials used to construct roofs, including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, clay tiles, composite boards, metal roofing, and many others. This means that the price of these materials will also rise. Construction materials are affected by market demand. When there is a high demand for construction materials, this causes the price of these products to increase. Still other materials used in roofing are in demand in other industries. For example resin, copper, plastics, metal, plywood, etc., all of these and more are in high demand, increasing prices.

There are more people who need roofs installed now than ever before. Homes are being built at a rapid pace in America to meet high demand, not to mention homeowners are deciding it’s a good time to replace their existing roof as a necessary investment their home. This has caused an increase in demand for roofers across America which has created a shortage of skilled workers. There are too many roofs, not enough roofers! Fortunately, we have a loyal team of highly experienced roofers to get you “covered.”

In some cases (but not ours), less experienced people with limited training are being hired as roofing installers. This can cause quality issues with installation and lead to higher costs down the road for maintenance or repairs that need to be done on poorly installed roofs.

The Increase in Demand for Roofers

Unfortunately, many workers have become ill during the pandemic or have to take care of friends or loved ones that have gotten sick. With less skilled workers left, those who are left are commanding higher pay rates because they are hard-to-find gems with plenty of experience. This too can lead to higher prices.

Higher Roofing Prices for Homeowners?

The roofing industry is not immune to the same supply chain, material availability, labor shortages, and high demand affecting other industries during the Covid pandemic. That said, we at Cecil Jennings Roofing and Construction are doing everything in our power to keep costs down. We work closely with our suppliers, employees, and community partners to come up with creative ways to create value while keeping costs from rising too high.

We’ve always been a competitive-priced roofing company in Athens, GA, and we’d rather have a happy customer than one that feels they paid too much arbitrarily. That’s why we make such a point out of our commitment to transparency and love of our shared Athens area community. In industry after industry, business after business, everyone is working hard together to keep costs down and get the job done quickly and expertly. We are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish for our clients despite the challenges and we look forward to serving you with your roofing needs!