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Oconee County, GA offers a rich blend of modern amenities, natural beauty, historic treasures like the Elder Mill Bridge,1 highly-rated schools, and a thriving economy.2

Residents enjoy a low crime rate, numerous outdoor activities, a beautiful housing stock, and a great job market. Together, Oconee County is an economically attractive location that’s immensely popular with families.3

We take pride in serving a community with these values, not to mention the area residents’ appreciation of fine craftsmanship!

Excellence Through Experience & Industry Leadership

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working in Oconee County is the various architectural styles present here. From grand, traditional Southern estates to more modern, sleek designs, the diversity in home styles and high-end, spacious residences with gorgeous bathrooms makes our work in Oconee County interesting and exciting.4

The variety of fine homes we work on in Oconee has an additional benefit, as well. The projects also challenge us to stay abreast of the latest trends in high-end home remodeling as we continuously strive to exceed the expectations of discerning homeowners in Oconee County.

Inspired By Preservation

Oconee County’s dedication to maintaining its natural landscape is evident in the development of the Oconee River Greenway, a project that has transformed the river corridor into a vibrant recreational and educational space.5

Another notable aspect of Oconee County is the thriving artistic community in Watkinsville, which has been deemed the “Artland of Georgia.” This creative atmosphere fosters a unique blend of traditional Southern charm and innovative design, inspiring us to continually push what we can achieve technically and creatively for our clients.6

As a leading home remodeling contractor in Oconee, we appreciate the county’s commitment to sustainability and local culture, as it inspires us to incorporate eco-friendly practices, materials, and local culture into our remodeling projects for our clients.

Here’s a more complete list of our commercial and residential service offerings: 

  • Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling.
  • Metal Roofing.
  • Kid-to-Grownup Room Conversions.
  • Room Additions.

Contact us for a free estimate or consult on your home remodeling project. Let’s start turning your dreams into reality today!

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