New Elevated Deck On Eastside Overlooking North Oconee River

Riverbend Parkway Homeowners Back To Enjoying Their Relaxing Private Space

Our customers love their property off Riverbend Parkway on the Eastside of Athens, particularly how remote and private it feels despite being just minutes from downtown. One of their favorite pastimes is hanging out on their deck overlooking the North Oconee River.

Over time, however, the family’s favorite deck started showing its age, as you can see in the below “Before” project gallery.

Cecil Jennings Construction was hired to completely strip out the original deck and rebuild it from the ground up, complete with new secure concrete footings and modern construction materials. We love the finished product, which will afford our customers decades of safe and memorable enjoyment!

Does your party deck or home need a refresh? Simply contact us today and let’s get started!

Project Highlights

Riverbend Parkway; Eastside Athens, GA
Modern, multi-level decking with new concrete footings.