The Top 4 Factors Impacting What A Roof Costs

Ask the Internet “What does a new roof cost?” and you expect a clear answer, right? We don’t blame you. That’s what the Internet is for! 

We do have some good rules of thumb on how to approximate a “typical” cost for a new roof, the cost of roof replacement in Athens, GA can vary greatly on a few key factors. In this article, we’ll discuss those critical factors so you can plan appropriately.

Roofing Material Type

The first thing to consider when estimating the cost of a new roof is the material type. Metal roofs tend to be the most expensive conventional material, but when installed correctly so as to not fail at the seams they can last a very long time. On the opposite end, wood roofs are the cheapest per square foot but age much more quickly. Asphalt shingles are perhaps the most common option of roofing material and are the sort of the “Goldilocks” roofing option in the middle in terms of pricing and longevity. So-called “designer” options such as fired clay terracotta tile or slate stone can get very expensive. The sky is pretty much the limit.

Roof Pitch

Perhaps even more important than the material type or type of roof is the pitch of the roof, which affects both the operational challenges and safety protocols as well as how much effort is required to install the roof correctly. For example, installing lightweight shingles on a low-slope roof is a much different ballgame in terms of technique and materials required than installing heavy stone slate tiles on a high slope roof.

Roof Configuration

If the roof on your home is flat, then you may wonder why we’re even discussing roof configuration. “If it’s a flat roof, then what’s the big deal about the configuration?” you may wonder. If your roof is conventional, then it’s probably a slant roof, with one end lower than the other or about even. However, if your roof is large and “chopped up” in various different ways requiring extra flashing (almost like lots of mini roofs), then that will definitely impact the cost of the new roof. Not every square foot is equal in roofing, as they say.

Roof Location

Residential roofs are typically accessible, so what we’re referring to here when we discuss location is more area of the country as it relates to weather, conditions, and material requirements. In parts of the united states with moderate seasonal weather, you can “get away” with simpler, more affordable options that aren’t facing harsh elements all year long. In the Northeast or upper Midwest where the weather can get very cold, you’ll want well-insulated roofs with durable materials that stand up to Mother Nature and keep you safe and warm. Of course, heat can be as damaging and costly as cold. In hot climates with the harsh year-long sun as in southern Florida, we would typically recommend both hurricane-resistant and sun-resistant materials. You may have heard of “cool roofs” which are a good option in these sorts of areas and can save owners money over time.

Getting Local Estimates

We can’t stress enough the importance of talking to roofing contractors in your area and getting their estimates, asking lots of questions, and not falling for any scams like people asking for a full cash payment upfront. Make sure to read reviews, ask for references, and get answers to all your questions. There’s no excuse for a roofer not being upfront, transparent, and patient throughout the process. If they are worth their salt, they’ll have professional standards and a reputation in the community they care about. In effect, you want roofers playing a long game, even if it costs a little more. Like with many things in life, in many cases you get what you pay for. For more information, here’s a full guide on how to choose a roofer in Athens, GA.

Getting to the Bottom of Roof Pricing

The cost of a new roof in Athens, GA will vary depending on the material type, the pitch, roof configuration, and location. It also varies between vendors, though among the reputable contractors’ quotes shouldn’t be more than $2-3k difference. It’s up to you to decide who you’re most comfortable with (warranties, experience, materials, speed, etc.), but we’re here to help! 

We typically see costs between $3.50 and $7.50 per square foot, but we can’t of course make any guarantees till we have a chance to offer you a free estimate. 

Whether you live in the Athens, GA area or not, make sure to contact your local roofing contractors to get estimates for your roof. There’s no better way to get an accurate cost for a new roof than by talking to a roofing contractor in your area., telling them what you want, and comparing and contrasting your options.